By Rhema

“We have to abort the pregnancy” she declared.

Soji opened his mouth and found out that he could no longer close it.

What did he just hear?


“Haaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh” He almost shouted as his legs began to shake uncontrollably.

What had he gotten himself into? How could she ever bring up  abortion? Murder? Who was this strange woman standing in front of him?

Air rushed freely into his mouth as unconsciously his two hands found his way to his head. He was been told men do not weep but he could feel the tears forming already in his eyes

What was he going to do? Who was he going to tell?

BROTHER SOJI is a story of Love, Trust, Betrayal and Forgiveness. Keep calm, Don’t assume and Don’t conclude yet. Things, most times are not always what they seem to be…

The story of BROTHER SOJI begins next week.





BROTHER SOJI is purely fictional. It’s an imaginative creation of the thoughts of the writer. Any resemblance in person, place or character is purely unintentional.  Thanks.                                   


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