Amebo of AAH Politics (1)

By Khalidu Afolabi

There is this saying about Nigerian politicians, “As aspirants, they are close-by, but as achievers, they are far away.” This is the reality of politician-voter relationship in our national, state and local polity. When Nigerian politicians aspire for political offices, they discuss tête-à-tête with the citizens, they always lower their cars’ side windows and some would even take the burden to tour the neighbourhood with their ‘foot-wagons.’

They discuss with us, the commoners, promising us the sun within the moon. All for our empathy. Our votes. Once we give it up, our franchise, the camaraderie ends. They start to live on another planet. The once-a-time lowered side windows would not only remain fully raised, they become tinted. But the tenure is defined and limited, and we get to meet again.

As AAH residents approach the end of this semester (which implies the need for new Hall administration), the above scenario is starting to structure forth. We have started seeing inspiring quotes on our restroom entrances. Some Hallites’ greetings now express outrageous courtesies.

So, we know what you intend to achieve with your kuru kere efforts. We only appeal you do not put on a façade. Let’s vote for who you are. It is okay to sprinkle some flavours, but develop sincerity of purpose and don’t embellish more than necessary.

To be continued…


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