Entrepreneurship: An Elixir to Nigeria’s Social Vices

By Entrepreneur Farooq Gajo

Nigeria is a country ravaged by social vices: unemployment, kidnapping, maiming, jungle justice, advance fee fraud, corruption, bad leadership, poorly oriented citizens, and disenfranchisement, amongst others.

The problem of corruption is not peculiar to Nigeria, neither is it a characteristic of only third world countries, it is a human factor. Most privileged few use their positions to loot funds meant for their society.

The former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (now Emir of Kano), Alhaji Muhammad Sanusi II, once said: ‘The problem of Nigeria is not corruption, but impunity’.

Nigeria has tried so many types of Government over her mostly unproductive 56 years of existence, ranging from the regional Government, the parliamentarian system, the military junta, the military-presidential system, and now the democratic presidential system –which has lasted for the past 16 years uninterruptedly, yet there has hardly been any tangible result to show for it. This begs the question: Where did we get it wrong?

Entrepreneurship, according to Joseph Schumpeter, is a force of creative destruction. The Entrepreneur carries out ‘new combinations, thereby rendering old combinations obsolete.’ Established ways of doing things are destroyed by the creation of new and better ways of doing them. Hence employing the ‘Gale of Creative Destruction.’

Political Entrepreneurship is a panacea to Nigeria’s vices, because when we become politically entrepreneurial, majority of youths will be off the streets and become gainfully employed, thereby solving the attendant problems of the hydra-headed unemployment quagmire in which we currently are. Our policies and constitution should address our real problems, not perceived ones, and our citizen’s orientation will experience a dynamic shift from the persistent over-dependence on Government, and, most importantly, we will come up with new, informed and effective ways of punishing corruption.


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