AN Ailing Nation

By Abdul-lateef AWODELE Our nation our country! Now in a state of backwardness and uncertainty Of lost mammals, living with dramatization of selfishness In a state where the road forward is no more   A place of negation An antithesis of development and civilisation Living with the frenzy of her captivity Killings robbing the air […]

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Domestic Violence (1)

By Meemee Domestic violence is an abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting, such as in marriage. In the world today, domestic violence has taken a great percentage of occurrences and globally, the victims of domestic violence are overwhelmingly women. Domestic violence has different forms, some of which are physical, verbal, emotional, […]

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la Josh I am you, we share everything in common. If you search deep in your heart, you will find me, Not the ‘son of man’ me; my very person. You don’t have to think, search, or go on any quest, I am you, there is no denial. The more of me you appreciated the […]

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Pains of a UI Graduate

BY NEEMA University of Ibadan; first and the best. An institution known for her contributions towards raising giants. Her name speaks not only in our dear country Nigeria, but all over the world, recognized and known for her remarkable impact in learning and solid character. I must confess that I am fortunate to be a […]

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Fila or Filer, Gucci or Guchi

By Ademola Tawakaltu Who wouldn’t love the feel of a good designer wear or at the least the honour that comes with the fact that you are wearing a designer. Apart from the fact that these designers make comfortable wears, they also state and control the fashion vogue. People would love to get a new […]

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Are You Not Too Poor To Run?

By R.O. Ahmed My last article used to mark Nigeria’s democracy day was centred on what the future holds for the Nigerian youths. It echoed why the youths should play active part in politics and also urged the President to sign the “Not too young to run” bill. As if the President read my article, […]

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By Amj The following conversation ensued between AAH Hallites (Block A) during Nigeria versus England friendly match.   Ola: why is the England team having almost all the ball possession this first half?   Ade: it’s because our midfielders are busy searching for white babes on the stands   Shege: The Nigerian team is playing […]

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