Women for Women

By Temade Research reveals that a man’s brain is bigger than a woman’s. According to Molly Edmonds, a man and woman’s brain may be different in sizes but functions the same way. This means that brain-size doesn’t matter, the brain-content does. Why then do women sometimes feel inferior and incapable of achieving certain goals? Why […]

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Awake, Ancestors!

By David Olorunsogo I have whispered to the dead They witnessed enough of my woes The very day they became ghosts My ancestors are up there Peering through the veil of the thereafter Beholding my custom of misery They say, A sure ghost Never sleeps in the land of the spirits They keep vigil To […]

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Unwrap Packaged Lies

By Wonderboy I arrived at the restroom entrance one cold Saturday morning in AAH, when a poster on the door caught my attention. Immediately I was done reading, I murmured to myself, “Campaigns have started (underground parole)”. Campaign periods are funny. Some persons become overly nice and mushy. They start greeting you every morning, afternoon, […]

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Some Sewing Terminologies

Fashion Diary with Rayyan B Dear diary, since I’ve been writing about our time together, I’ve not talked about common words mentioned in the sewing class that I need to note. Below is a list of the necessary ones for me. Bias tape or Bias binding: A narrow strip of fabric cut on the bias. […]

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Forgotten Hero: Rashidi Yekini

By Farooq Gajo If growing up on the streets of Lagos has taught me anything, it is to idolize footballers, musicians and superstars alike. Let’s take a look at the life of our very own “RASHIDI YEKINI”. Rashidi Yekini was a Nigerian international footballer who scored 37 goals while representing his beloved country. He represented […]

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The Furore

By Abimbola Mobolaji   How the mighty have continued to snatch in futility at a semblance of greatness. Is it the desperate attempt to flex financial muscles and make testament signings, or can anything else be used to define the celebration of mediocrity? Desperation? Sheer Ignorance? Arsenal fans can’t stop revelling in the capture of […]

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I Can Never Be a Soldier

By Abimbola Mobolaji My first attempt at reading “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu was a scary mess. Tzu explained that to make loyal soldiers, you had to train them to emotionlessly follow orders. An example was when he told the Emperor of China to assemble all his undesirable concubines into regiments and selected […]

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University of Ibadan Hosts TEDx Event

By Farooq Gajo and Chukwudi Nwoko After the attempted TEDx event in 2013, the University of Ibadan hosted the first TEDx event themed “Dare to be Abnormal” on the campus on Saturday, July 8, 2017. The event, which featured 15 speakers and numerous other performing acts, sharing thought-provoking and intriguing ideas on one stage to […]

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